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Parts of Four can be imagined as an invocation system of rituals and memories: human, animal, biological, geological, stellar, and beyond. It is a meditation on form, material, and processes.


The new Cinzia Araia collections are an embodiment of the designer . They embrace her libertarian aesthetic and provide an outlet for the darker facets of her personality. The contradictory focus of her work is structure and deconstruction with a tendency towards the gothic. Cinzia breaks down styles, but with a very organic and fluid approach that perfectly complements the human anatomy. Her designs are elegant and tough, engaging with classic styles yet gritty enough for a very urban context. With years of experience and full knowledge of the shoe making process behind her, she thrives on the challenge of taking that process further, discovering new forms and structures.

Explore our evolving edit of items you’ll wear, use, and treasure for years to come through weekly chapters and shorter-form footnotes. Collected into thematic volumes, these editorial features are inspiring ways to discover your new favorite things.


The BARBARA I GONGINI collections present a different take on Nordic garments, derived from a conceptual approach towards fashion design. The specific construction process is aimed at crafting garments eloquently suitable for both men and women. Structural forms are challenged and experimental pattern-making shape a solemn backdrop for contemporary tailoring.